Jet-Lube Water Well and Environmental Drilling Products have been helping drillers solve equipment maintenance problems since 1949. Jet-Lube Water Well drilling components and casing sealants have been recognized as the industry standards for drill pipe (Kopr-Kote) and drop pipe (Enviro-Guard) applications. What some people do not know about Jet-Lube is there is an additional group of lubricants, thread sealants, aerosol products, and EP-Grease that address additional lubricating needs for drill rig, pump and tank installations, and general plumbing applicaions for PVC and CPVC piping jobs.


Jet-Lube has long been a member of the National Ground Water Association and is an active member of the Geothermal Drilling Asscociation (DCOMA) and the Australian Drillig Association (ADIA).


Jet-Lube Water Well products are designed and developed with tough drilling applications in mind and are available world-wide.