Jet Sealants & Lubricants is the authorised distributor and stockist of Jet-Lube ® (USA) and Deacon® (USA).


Since 1949, Jet- Lube® is a leading-edge manufacturer of highest quality sealants, anti-seize compounds and lubricants including environmentally safe products for the oilfield, industrial, marine and food industry. Oilfield related products include Drill Pipe Dope, Drill Collar compounds, Tool Joint compounds, API compounds, OCTG Tubing and Casing compounds, Rust / Corrosion Inhibitors, Storage compounds, Rigwash, Valve Sealants, etc. Industrial products include Lubricants, EP greases, Anti-seizes, Marine Application products, Thread Sealants and Cleaners.


Deacon® High Temperature Sealant products include thread sealants, flange sealants, gasket dressings, pump and valve packings for Turbine Split Casing, Pump Casing, Boilers: Doors, Stacks, Flanges, Heat Exchangers, Any Metal-to-Metal Joints, Leaking Gaskets, Threaded Fittings, Steam Traps, Sight Glasses, Nuts & Bolts, Gasket Dressings, Pressure Vessels, Segmented Gaskets, Access Doors, Exhaust Systems, Ductwork, Void Fill, Sheet Metal Patches, Cracks, Gaps, Seams, Damming Compound (for Pouring Babbitt Bearings, Epoxies, Various Molten Alloys, Etc.), Vibration Suppression, Positioning Delicate Parts, Holding Solder While Soldering Wires on Generators, Aids in Positioning During Welding/Brazing, Rotating Shafts, Rotary Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Turbine Pumps, Agitators, Stuffing Boxes, Dryers, Refiners, etc. applications