Since 1949, Jet-Lube has been recognized as a world leader in manufacturing lubricants for Oilfield, Construction, Water well, Industrial, MRO, Marine, Food Grade and OEM applications worldwide. For extreme and demanding applications within industry, Jet-Lube focuses strongly on producing the highest quality EP greases, valve lubricants, anti-seize, production and drilling compounds, thread and high-temp sealants, anaerobics, penetrants, and cleaners and degreasers.


Jet-Lube is recognized by the NLGI (National Lubrication Grease Institute) as a master blender of grease products, by the ASTM for research, test and R&D lab, and the U.S. government for our Mil-Spec test capabilities. Jet-Lube’s reputation as an industry leader has been earned in the world’s harshest  environments and the most demanding applications. Whether it’s an OEM or MRO application, Jet-Lube has the right product for all of your lubricant needs.